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Tour Becharre


$180.00 /person

About this tour

Satisfy your cravings for adventure and join us on a tour to Bcharre! A charming and picturesque mountain village, Bcharre is known for its culture, art, and history. Walk among the monumental cedar trees of Lebanon, some of which are as old as a thousand years, and visit the iconic Khalil Gibran Museum, which houses much of Gibran’s poetry and art. Enjoy the view from the top of Qurnat el Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon. Explore the monasteries that are scattered among the small roads and visit Bekaa Kafra, the birthplace of St. Charbel.

About this location:

Hometown of the famous Gebran Khalil Gebran, it is safe to say that Bcharre truly reflects all the beauty that lives on within the poet’s work. Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites lie within the district, the Qadisha Valley and the Cedars of God, one of the last remaining cedar forests in Lebanon. In the summer, the area is a great escape from the stifling chaos and heat of the city, the perfect location for the peaceful retreat you long for. In the winter the district is cloaked with a white sheet of snow, making the area perfect for skiing or snowshoeing.

What to bring:

  • Cash money if you wanted to buy local products from region
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes: trail running or hiking shoes are the best option. Otherwise, any running shoes or a comfortable one for the whole day.

This Live Love Tour is powered by SEAL. It aims to foster authentic experiences & develop the economy and tourism in Rural Lebanon.

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