Private tour: Scenic walks, wetlands & heritage


$180.00 /person

About this tour

About this tour

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Escape the harrowing chaos of the city and join us to explore all the gems hidden in West Beqaa in this tour! Walk through beautiful vast lands, taste some of the finest local wines and indulge in delicious, authentic Lebanese mezze. Enjoy breathtaking views wherever you go.

About the location:  

West Bekaa is home to many impressive landmarks. The village of Sultan Yaacoub. He’s a Moroccan emperor who left everything behind and became a hermit in a cave and later died and was buried there. This site became a site of pilgrimage. The pastry factory run by all foreign women is a must visit! It is run by women from all around the world who have trouble making a living in Lebanon. It is a melting pot of all the culinary arts and the food there is exceptional. Another breathtaking landmark are the Ammiq Wetlands, it is not to be missed!

What to bring:

  • Cash money if you wanted to buy local products
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes: trail running or hiking shoes are the best option. Otherwise, any running shoes or a comfortable one for the whole day
  • This Live Love Tour is powered by SEAL. It aims to foster authentic experiences & develop the economy and tourism in Rural Lebanon.

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