UPCOMING GROUP TOUR: Sunday August 4 a Visit to Rashaya

Unshakable Views & Delicious Foods.


$66.00 /person



About this tour

Take a trip and delve into the very place all of Lebanon’s modern history was born. Visit the historical Rashaya Citadel, or the Citadel of Independence, and witness a turning point Lebanese History while looking out at the gorgeous mountain village. Have a taste of authentic jams, cheeses, and molasses all produced at Rashaya Gardens, a women-run initiative selling organic and local produce. Location Details Rashaya is a city located in the south of Lebanon's Bekaa Governorate. Located on the western slopes of Mount Hermon, it is halfway between Jezzine and Damascus. A traditional town with its old paved streets and small shops, it preserves Lebanese history while bringing in a slight hint of modernism with the expansion of buildings in recent years. But it retains a distinctive feature of traditional stone houses with the famous red tiled roofs. Treat yourself to an assortment of beautiful gold and silver jewelry in Byzantine styles at the souk. Located in the middle of the village, it has various small shops that sell local crafts and cheap goods that are enjoyed by both visitors and locals! What to bring: Cash money if you wanted to buy local products Hat Sunglasses Sunscreen Water bottle Shoes: trail running or hiking shoes are the best option. Otherwise, any running shoes or a comfortable one for the whole day. This Live Love Tour is powered by SEAL. It aims to foster authentic experiences & develop the economy and tourism in Rural Lebanon.