UPCOMING GROUP TOUR: Sat August 10 a Visit to Jbeil & Anfeh

North beaches magic


$66.00 /person



About this tour

About this tour:
Escape the chaos of Beirut and head to the beautiful northern coast of Lebanon with us! Explore the towns of Byblos, Batroun, and Anfeh, all famous for the enchanting seaside experiences they offer. Visit the “Old Souks” and walk along the coastal roads by the port of Byblos, where fishing boats reside along the glistening waters. Immerse yourself in Lebanon’s rich history while seeing the ruins from civilizations past, including the grand “Anfeh Fort.” Have lunch in the various charming restaurants along the coast and finally, go for a drink at the famous Colonel Beer Brewery.

About this location:
The northern coastal area of Lebanon is especially famous for its crystal clear waters and charming old towns by the sea. Byblos, one of the most ancient cities in the world, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the town offers so much more than just a historical immersion; its beach resorts and charming restaurants and pubs along the port make both its day life and nightlife vibrant and exciting.
Further north, BatrounAnfeh has been popularly nicknamed the “Little Greece,” partially due to the architecture and blue and white walls, but also due to the relaxing atmosphere that mirrors life on a Greek Island.